Thursday, May 16, 2013

Moving On and Moving Up!

After 6 years of serving as a monthly parent helper, I had my last day a week ago.  I announced that day to Hannah that I was the Mommy helper that day and this would be my very last "preschool" helper day ever!  I went on to say that I would be a Kindergarten, First grade and Second grade helper but never again a preschool helper.  I am not really the sentimental type.  I cry because I am proud of my children, but I don't generally cry as my children move on and up to their next phase of life or milestone.  When Hannah was a baby and quickly growing up and going from one milestone to the next,  I wouldn't get all teary-eyed that I was losing my baby - I knew it was a fact of life that kids grow.  I never cried as I sent my first child or the next 2 to kindergarten.  I actually felt pretty bad as a I saw the rest of the moms crying and I couldn't squeeze just one tear out.  While I was watching the kids practice the bells for their program that morning the tears came. The more I tried to stop them the faster they came.  This reaction was very puzzling to my daughter as she kept glancing over at me wondering what was happening.  The realization of it all was finally setting in, whether I like it or not, my children are moving on and up in the world!

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